Agudo Family Reunion?  10/06/2018

Too late!

AGUDO Family Website

 The Agudo family web page was created to share information with all our family and friends around the world. Our home page is the entryway to the personal pages of the entire AGUDO family tree.

    Our first goal is to get everyone that is located on the family tree to stay in touch with the rest of the family via this web site. We would love to hear from everyone and I hope that all is well. Being a family of this size and being spread throughout the country makes it difficult to stay in touch.

    We urge that we as a family keep in touch. As we start to loose the older generation and begin the newer generation the ties between cousins seem to diminish. We can bet you that the 4th generation listed on the family tree is not aware of how many 2nd cousins they have or understand on how large of a family we are.

- Agudo's  (The Harrison/Newark, NJ generation gang)